International Summer Missions

We all have a lot of options for what to do with the summer, but few offer the challenge and the reward of an International Summer Missions! If you join us, we’ll spend 4 to 6 weeks together in a foreign country forming friendships that will change our lives. Not only that, but we will sharpen our leadership and ministry skills, come face to face with people who speak, think, and live differently, and gain God’s heart for a lost world.

International Summer Missions strategically fit into a 3-5 year partnership commitment from a region of the US as they focus on pioneering beachhead ministries. As we trust God to use us in a mighty way in the lives of university students, we will prayerfully be starting what will some day be a thriving campus ministry. We could be investing our summer in changing the course of history for a student, a university, and a nation!

Do you desire to do something worthwhile with your summer, something life-changing? Why don’t you come join us in taking Christ to the students of the world. They will never be the same, and neither will we!

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