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    There are many people who work together to provide the leadership of your summer mission trip. The Global Missions Director and Summer Missions Coordinator work to give direction and leadership to all of our international summer missions on a regional level. The Team Leaders are the U.S. Staff or Volunteers who give leadership to your specific team.  They will oversee your sponsorship development and help you prepare for the summer.

    Summer Missions Coordinators

    Polly Anthony                            Global Missions Finance: 12012 Technology Blvd Ste 100, Austin TX 78727



    In the following months we will be communicating with you through e-mail. If you do not have access to e-mail, let us know and we will send you any information you need. Please check your e-mail weekly and insert any letters into a folder with all other information that you might receive. Using e-mail will help to keep the cost of your summer mission down.

    Your MPD Coach

    This person is committed to pray for and with you. They will be tracking with you on your progress in support raising and preparation for the summer mission trip.  In many cases, your team leaders will serve as your MPD coach.

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