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           How to Process Donations with the Donation Information Form

    Please carefully follow these instructions and the instructions on the Donation Information Form (DIF) to process your donations. Your careful attention to each step will ensure that your funding is credited to you, and that your donors receive appropriate receipts for their contributions. A little effort on your part now will save you and others a lot of effort and time in the future.

    All the funding you receive for your summer project should be mailed to the Global Missions Services office within a week after you receive the donations. Always mail a completed DIF with your checks.

    Below is a section by section guide for completing the DIF.

    Here is your team specific DIF:






    DIF-EA-Bama-So Miss-2019



    DIF-EA-UA-2-2019                                             DIF-Thessaloniki-2019

    DIF-EA-GBC-2019                                               DIF-Ioannina-GBC-2019                                         DIF-Middle-East-2019

    DIF-EA-Houston-2019                                       DIF-Patras-Gks-GBC-2019                                     DIF-North-Africa-2019

    DIF-EA-TAMU-Alpha-2019                              DIF-Bologna-2019                                                    DIF-South-Asia-2019

    DIF-EA-TAMU-Omega-2019                            DIF-Rome-2019                                                         DIF-Spain-2019

    DIF-EA-UTSA-2019                                           DIF-North Italy-2019                                                 DIF-Sweden-2019



    When someone else gives you a check or cash for your project this is a Standard Donation. Checks should be payable to Cru. How to handle the three types of Standard Donations:

    Checks payable to Cru:
    Group these together. Write the total on Line 1 on the DIF. Donors in this category will receive a receipt for their tax deductible contribution.

    Checks payable to you:
    It is best if checks are made out to Cru. If your  donor mistakenly writes the check out to you, graciously ask them to write a new check made out to Cru. If the sponsor prefers to make his/her check payable to you and does not want a receipt, sign the back of the check and write “Pay to the order of Cru” below your signature. The donor will not receive a receipt. This is not considered tax deductible for the donor. Group these checks together and write the total of these checks on Line 2 of the DIF.

    Cash given to you:
    If you are given cash, replace the cash gifts with a check of your own, a money order, or a cashier’s check made payable to Cru. If using a check, write “replacing cash” on the memo line. Donors who give you cash will not receive a receipt for tax purposes. Group these checks and/or money orders together and write the total on Line 3 of the DIF.

    You may write a personal check to fund your project (i.e. check for the $200 deposit or your ending balance). This is not considered a donation, and you will not receive a receipt. Record the amount of your personal payments on Line 5 of the DIF.

    We strongly prefer that all your donations be channeled through you to the regional office. However, if you become aware of a donor sending a check directly to Cru, please record their name, address, donation date and donation amount on Line 6 or 7 of the DIF. If you need more lines, simply record the information on the back of the form.

    If a staff member or other Cru entity wishes to support you by account transfer, write the staff member or ministry name, account number/code and amount on Line 9 or 10 of the DIF. Staff account numbers are seven digits in length. A correct chartfield has four fields separated by slashes. To avoid duplicate transfers, please inform the donor that Regional Office personnel will process all account transfers shortly after the project begins. If you need more lines, simply record the information on the back of the form.

    Add together all the revenues (General Donations, Personal Payments, Direct Donations and Cru Account Transfers) reflected on the DIF and enter this total on Line 12. On Line 13 put the total amount you have sent in previously. By adding Line 12 and 13 together, you will arrive at your new grand total to date for Line 14.

    In order to help coach you along in your Ministry Partner Development (MPD) efforts, please record the number of MPD letters you have sent to date and the number of MPD conversations you have had to date. Also, to minimize last minute travel challenges, please let us know if you have a passport that is valid through March of next year. If you do not have such a passport, record the date which you applied for/renewed your passport.

    Please once again record your name and date below the dashed line. Also include the total number of Checks and the Total Amount of these checks as indicated. This may seem redundant; however, Regional Office personnel will actually cut this part of the form off and send it along with your donation to Cru headquarters in Orlando. Do not write inside the box at the bottom of the page.

    Copies–Make a copy of the completed DIF for your records. Keep an accurate account of the checks you have received and mailed in for your own recordsShipping–Put the completed DIF and the checks in an envelop. Use certified mail, FedEx, or UPS to send everything to the address listed on the DIF. 

    Contact Polly Anthony if you have questions that are not answered here or in your other resources (

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