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    You will send in money for the Summer Mission on five separate occasions:

    Deadline One

    The $200 deposit along with your “You Can Count On Me” form should have already been sent to the Summer Missions Coordinator if you are reading this. If you have not sent these in, please contact the Summer Missions Coordinator immediately.

    Deadline Two

    $1000 earnest money must be mailed to your Summer Missions Coordinator, postmarked by March 25th.
    Total raised = $1200.

    Deadline Three

    $1000 is due, postmarked by April 16th.
    Total raised = $2200.

    Deadline Four

    $1000 is due, postmarked by May 7th.
    Total raised = $3200.

    Deadline Five (Final Deadline)

    Your remaining balance is due on May 21st.

    Important Note: Any contributions you collect after May 7th, should NOT be sent to the Summer Missions Coordinator by mail. Instead, they should be gathered and turned in when you report to the Briefing Conference. Mail your last collection of donation checks by May 7th.

    When you arrive at briefing, you must have all of your financial support ready to turn in. A notice of your donors’ verbal commitments is not sufficient. If you have not received enough donations to meet the full amount of the cost (added together with your deposit), you should plan to write a personal check to cover the difference, when you arrive at the Briefing Conference. The check must be cashable on the day of the Briefing. In the event that you later receive more donations to your account, you will be allowed to reimburse and receive back a portion of your personal payment.

    An Explanation of the Financial Deadlines

    The financial deadline dates for your summer mission costs are extremely important for you to follow. The $200 deposit and $1000 earnest deadlines exist so that we have the finances available to proceed in holding a “spot” for you on the summer mission team.  If we did not have these deadlines there would be no source of funds for in-country set up for the mission team, hotel deposits and airline contracts.

    Realize that even if you end up not going, expenses up to the date you withdraw have been incurred. As you meet the initial deadlines, you are communicating to us and to the country that you will be going and that you are serious and committed to being a part of the mission team. Because of this, we have made the following guidelines:

    • You will be withdrawn from the summer mission team if your $200 deposit is not received by the Summer Missions Coordinator within two weeks of your acceptance to the Summer Mission team.
    • Even if you have met the $200 deposit deadline, if you are unable to meet the $1000 earnest money deadline you will be withdrawn from the Summer Mission team. Later on as your sponsorship time progresses, it is still very crucial for you to meet your deadlines. If you miss deadlines you will need to discuss this with your team leaders.
    • If at any time (after you have sent in your $200 deposit and $1000 earnest) you find that you must withdraw, the deposit and earnest are non-refundable and non-transferable.

    Please do not send in your personal money to meet the deadlines unless you intend to fully sponsor yourself. Instead talk to your team leader about an extension of the deadline.

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