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    You will be staying in a hotel located in central Ioannina. The hotel has a nice courtyard and coffee bar — both of which are great places to have conversations with the students you meet on campus. Your roommates will be made up of those on your team of the same gender.

    The hotel itself is located in downtown Ioannina, but the university is about 15 minutes by bus on the edge of town.


    You will receive a weekly per diem that will fully cover all food and living costs. From the minute you set foot at the Briefing in Irving, Texas, until you arrive back at DFW after the mission trip , all meals are covered by the Summer Mission. You won’t have a bad meal in Greece! Get ready to indulge in the Mediterranean culinary history of Greece.


    You will not have regular access to e-mail this summer, though internet cafés are easy to find. You will be able to send mail through the postal service, but we don’t advise having anything sent to you. We also ask that you don’t bring your computer this summer, as team fellowship is essential.

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