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    The Center for Disease Control will tell you which immunizations are required for the country you are going to.

    It is important for your health that you obtain the appropriate immunizations for the country you will visit.  Immunizations will build up your immune system against specific diseases.  At times the immunizations we require for the summer mission may exceed those your local doctor or Health Clinic recommend.  This is because you may be traveling outside the normal tourist areas of the country and we feel you should have them for your own health and safety.

    Some of the required immunizations must be taken within certain time frames and in multiple administrations.  In some cases, you will visit your health clinic three times. Please note that all of the immunizations can have side effects (i.e., soreness, flu-like symptoms). Consequently, it is not advisable to plan on getting your immunizations during finals week or when you have a major due.

    When you get your immunizations, it is often cheaper to get them at a County Health Clinic or at a Student Health Center. They will also have complete information on each of the immunizations, their side effects, and effectiveness.
    NOTE: Immunizations at clinics are often given only one day a week, at certain times.

    Print this file to make record of the immunizations that you receive.

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