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    All summer mission participants are required to have adequate medical insurance coverage during the entire summer . You should check with your current insurance agent if you have coverage already, to see if your plan is effective outside of the United States. If you do not have personal medical coverage you may contact your local insurance agent or visit these websites for more information on how to purchase your own plan: or
    (This does not constitute an endorsement of any company or insurance product.)

    Doctor/Hospital Visits

    Most healthcare providers in overseas locations require full payment before service and will not file your insurance claim on your behalf.  However, in most overseas locations the cost of medical care is low and payment with a credit card is accepted.  Please be aware that you are responsible for all your doctor bills and/or medical costs during the mission trip.  We recommend that you travel with a personal credit card, which can be used to pay for any medical care that you need. It is also important that you keep all healthcare receipts so that you can submit them with the claim to your insurance company.

    SOS Emergency Service

    During the summer mission trip, you will be covered by International SOS service ( This service provides counsel and assistance to locate quality medical care and arrange medical transportation if needed.  Please be aware that SOS is NOT a medical insurance provider.


    There are basically three different types of emergencies for which we have set guidelines:

    1. Administrative Emergencies: Personal effects (possessions, passport, visa, etc.) lost or stolen.
    2. Back home emergencies: Emergencies occurring back in the U.S. and someone needing to contact a member. This would include deaths, life or death situations, etc.
    3. Health and/or Safety Emergencies: Accidents, Natural Disasters, Medical, Kidnapping, Political.

    An emergency telephone line is set up in the Cru Crisis Management Office in Orlando, Florida, while you are overseas. This number is for you and your parents’ use and is for emergencies only!

    During office hours: 1-407-380-8665 or 1-888-899-9292 (toll free)
    After hours/weekends: 1-719-581-2171 (This line is answered 24/7)

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