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    We want to dress very modestly this summer. What this means is no short shorts for men or women. Basically we want to dress comfortably but modestly so that our dress is not a stumbling block to our message. 

    How Much to Bring

    General rule: the less you bring, the less you carry. You are expected to be able to carry all of your own bags for at least one mile. We strongly recommend that you pack your belongings in a backpack as it is much easier to carry. Many have found that shoulder straps, luggage with wheels, or a luggage carrier have made transporting luggage much easier.

    Weight Limit

    The specific rule is that your one piece of checked luggage cannot weight over 44 lbs. The fine is pretty hefty. You are also limited in the number of carry-on bags. You are allowed one travel piece, a camera bag or a purse. Your carry-on pieces must fit under your seat.

    Packing Tips

    • Place all valuables, medications, and documents in your carry-on.
    • Use durable luggage
    • Use a durable luggage tag with your permanent contact info on it in case your luggage is lost.
    • Leave enough room for the gifts that you will be bringing home.
    • Pack to conserve space. Roll clothing and use small items to fill empty space.
    • Carry a change of clothing in your carry-on in case your luggage is delayed.
    • If you bring any prescription medications, be sure to bring them in the original container, as unmarked medication can arouse suspicion.
    • The last night of briefing, before you leave for your country, be sure to have one change of clothing, basic toiletries and needed medications in your carry-on bag in case your luggage is delayed.

    Make sure you have everything you need before you arrive at briefing because you will not have any spare time once it starts. You should also bring some basic documents in the event of a problematic situation (e.g. your passport gets stolen). These would include:

    • Copy of your birth certificate and/or naturalization papers
    • Copy of your passport

    You might want to make two copies: one to bring with you when you travel, and one to keep at home.


    Suggested Items

    • Personal spending money, $100-200 depending on how much in gifts you want

    • Passport and passport pouch/holder

    • Bible, journal, pens, etc.

    • Address list of friends and supporters

    • Power/electric adapter (220 volts, though many outlets are different)

    • backpack for campus

    • umbrella or rain jacket (it may rain at times)

    • Sunglasses and sunscreen

    • Laundry bag

    • Playing cards and other small games

    • Small translation dictionary

    • Small flashlight

    • Glasses, protective case, contacts, solution

    • Personal hygiene: toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, athlete’s foot spray, razor and blades, cologne, feminine products, other personal items*

    • Hand sanitizer

    • Febreeze

    • “After Bite” to treat any bug bites

    • Medicine

    • Dramamine and/or ear plugs if you are a light sleeper

    • Plastic bags to store all the above stuff that leaks

    *If you’re not too picky, you can get a lot of these things in country.


    What Not to Bring

    • Apparel with blatant Christian slogans, wild prints, or T-shirts with beer ads (or worse)

    • Do not wear any clothing with Greek lettering (sorority or fraternity logos, t-shirts)

    • Short shorts

    • Extra luggage

    • Literature that reflects negatively on the culture’s politics, economics, etc.

    Men’s Clothing
    • 2-3 nice shirts (polos or button ups for church)

    • A couple of plain hanging out/sleeping shirts and tourist day shirts (make sure they are plain and do not have any type of logo or Greek lettering)

    • 2 pairs of slacks (khaki) and nice jeans

    • shorts (khaki and athletic)

    • You will be doing some manual labor one weekend so bring a set of clothes for that including a pair of old jeans.

    • swim trunks

    • Socks & undershirts

    • Shoes:  tennis shoes, church shoes (Sperry’s), and Chacos are great.

    • A pair of flip-flops for the shower.

    • 6 boxers or briefs (careful because they will be hung out to dry outside!)

    • Toiletries

    • A light jacket


    Women’s Clothing

    • Lots of underwear!

    • 1 pair running shoes

    • 1 pair of nicer, yet comfy shoes, such as ballet flats

    • 1 pair of flip-flops with good traction for beach and some light walking around town (the streets of Athens are very wobbly and slippery)

    • 2-3 skirts (for visiting certain sites or the Orthodox church, the skirt must cover your knees, maxi skirts may be best but make sure they are not too tight)

    • dresses  (if the dress are spaghetti strapped or low cut, you’ll need to wear a tank underneath, a camisole won’t do for spaghetti straps or wear a cardigan with it)

    • 2-3 shorts/capris* (not cut off shorts)

    • 1-2 pairs of jeans. Even though it’s hot, Greeks still wear jeans all the time*

    • 1 swimsuit (one piece or two piece that covers your stomach)

    • 2-3 sleeveless shirts/tank-tops*

    • 2-3 nicer T-shirts*

    • Maybe 1 light-weight, long sleeve or ¾ length shirts for the first week or so*

    • 1-2 real t-shirts

    • 1 pair of comfy long pants

    • modest pajamas (you will be staying in a hostel)

    • 1 light weight jacket (jean jackets are perfect) or cardigan

    • Something light weight to sleep in

    • You will need to have pants and loose-fitting t-shirts when we serve Muslim men and women.  Your legs needs to fully covered and your bottom covered, nothing form fitting.

    • For campus, please dress more modestly and not as casual as you might on your own U.S. campus.

      • Campus attire: no spaghetti straps, no cleavage baring tops (be aware that even loose shirts can do this when you bend down or a boy is taller than you, if you wear a tunic or flow-y top, wear tights and the top has to cover your bottom, no running shorts for campus (you can wear this in your own time and around the hostel), jean shorts or chino shorts are fine but if they’re questionable, leave them behind.  No cut offs.

    • Bring a purse that drapes over your body and has a zipper on top.  A big purse is going to get in the way and you don’t need a big purse.  Those also make you more susceptible to pick-pockets.
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