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    If for some reason you need to withdraw from the summer mission, you must contact your team leader and the summer missions coordinator immediately. If you withdraw from the summer mission team , there is a sample refund letter under “Ministry Partner Development” which is mandatory for you to send to each of your sponsors. The letter explains how they may re-designate their gift but they will not be able to receive a refund per IRS law. You may photocopy the letter or write your own letter using the sample as a guide.


    If you wish to transfer to another summer mission location, please contact Polly Anthony 407-913-0471, in the Red River Regional office immediately. If your request to transfer is approved you will be notified by e-mail. If we are unable to approve your transfer we will call you with other available alternatives.

    Please note: If you withdraw, your $200 deposit and $1000 earnest are non-refundable and non-transferable. You will also be responsible to pay for other expenses incurred on your behalf such as visas, international airfare, etc.

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